Happy Christmas to all our friends in the Carlops community!  We hope you have come through this strange year safe and well.  We have all missed the various events that Carlops does so well and we look forward to some eventual return to familiar ways.

Enjoy a happy and peaceful Christmas.  Stay safe, and may the new year bring an upturn in everyone’s fortunes.

We invite you to use this page to send your own Christmas greeting to everyone in Carlops. We hope this may help compensate for being unable to enjoy the warm, person-to-person exchange of greetings that takes place in the church and throughout Carlops in normal years.

To send a message to this page, type your greeting in the box below, enter your name and email address, and click “Send Greeting”.  Your greeting can be any length up to 1,500 characters and spaces (This present message has around 1050 characters and spaces).  If you wish, you can add an image to your message via the icon above the “Send Greeting” tab.

Julie Gamble, Rennie McElroy, Alun Morton Lloyd
The Website Christmas Gnomes

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I wish all my friends in Carlops Church a peaceful and happy Christmas. It has been a joy to worship with you all on Zoom over these past months. Looking forward in hope for more face to face contact sometime in 2021.
Very best wishes to all Mary Turnbull

Merry Christmas everyone – From the Baxters at Macbiehill

I would like to wish all at Carlops Parish Church a Very Happy Christmas and Healthy New Year.
It’s been a difficult year for everyone and my hopes and prayers are that we can all get through this dreadful pandemic safely.

Christmas Greetings to everyone in Carlops from Jo in North Norfolk. It has been lovely to be able to see everyone at the Zoom services despite being so far away.The village here has an Advent Windows scheme and one after another windows are lighting up throughout Advent.
Love Jo

Merry Christmas to everyone. May this be a truely joyful Christmas where we can find time to really appreciate our family and friends. Light up the tree, light up the fires, light up the World.

Despite the lack of singing sweetly in choirs, or the usual playing of the merry organ, we hope you will all be able to celebrate with the rising of the sun and the running of the deer. We thank all for the Zoom gatherings and wish everyone a very happy Christmas and a good New Year.
With love and good wishes
Mary and Chris

We have missed seeing you all! This Christmas will be so different but we can appreciate the little things and look forward to having a proper catch up in 2021. Hope you are all keeping well?

Lots of love

Anna and Peter

Graham and I feel privileged to join in the Carlops services. We both wish all of you a happy Christmas and a vaccinated 2021
Joan and Graham Noakes, Silverburn

A very happy Christmas to all our friends and neighbours in Carlops and surrounds.

We are looking forward to the season of twinkling lights and to that feeling of warming up by the fire after a cold walk. Attached is our little nativity scene, with Ferrero Rocher tray for backdrop!

Wishing everyone a relaxing and peaceful few days to help restore minds and bodies for the new year.

Warmest regards,
Sharon, Julie and Mary


Merry Christmas to our friends at Carlops Church and wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year.
We love to see you all each Sunday.

Love and every blessing

Gordon & Margaret 🙏🙏🎄🎄

Little signs of Christmas are appearing — a star of light in a neighbour’s porch; a candle alight in a window; a greeting just arrived from Ottawa; a little circular Christmas tree decoration from two young teenage sisters. The decoration is made of wood and is inscribed with some words which I want to share:
‘Life was a little strange this year and the world seemed so unsure, but one thing that we learnt was that we couldn’t love each other more. We lived a moment in history, our lives changed beyond doubt, but we learnt the true meaning of what family and friendship are about. We will hold our loved ones a little tighter – even meantime from a distance – and celebrate what we have. Because Christmas 2020 will be the best we have ever had.’
An extraordinary message of hope, in these opening days of Advent 2020.
Will it be so?
We have been gifted, I believe, with the capacity to make it so.
With thanks to Carlops friends, this is my greeting to you all.

May you all know hope, peace, joy and love as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Light of the World.

“The virgin will be with child and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel, which means “God is with us” ” (Matthew 1:23)

With love and warm wishes,

Rev. Malcolm Jefferson

Wishing everyone and their loved ones a happy safe and convivial Christmas wherever and however you will be celebrating this year.

Special thanks to Murray for keeping us all in touch.

Here’s to getting together in person in 2021!

Bridget and Andrew

To everyone in Carlops Church and community I would like to send my greetings and good wishes.

It is a poor substitute for being able to meet each other in person but I appreciate this opportunity to be in touch with all the friends who are normally part of soup lunches, coffee mornings, social evenings etc.

May you all find joy this Christmas and have a safe and peaceful 2021.


We send our best wishes for a happy Christmas and a better new year to all our Carlops friends. We hope you are well, and that you stay well.

We have missed seeing you in the various ways we used to meet: at home, in the church, the hall and the Allan Ramsay, or along the Kitleyknowe road; to talk, sing, laugh, worship, eat and drink; or just to enjoy each other’s company. But we have enjoyed Zooming with you; that has been a helpful and meaningful part of our year. The various coronavirus-driven restraints have helped us realise how fortunate we are to live here in Carlops, with its quiet and safety, its landscapes, and its people. Thank you for being part of that.

Have a happy and peaceful Christmas. Stay safe, and may 2021 bring you good things and some return to familiar ways.

Mary and Rennie McElroy