Children are welcome at all events in Carlops Church. They are never a nuisance, never a distraction; no exceptions, no buts! At present, the children in our regular congregation are all under ten years of age. We don’t have a formal Sunday School for them at this age, but we do have an area set aside for craft activities, books and soft toys. We can provide crafts and stories for older visiting children too. On pleasant days we can even take advantage of the adjacent patio garden. Parents are welcome to accompany their children. Alternatively, the children are welcome to remain in church and participate in the service; we enjoy their company!

Other activities for children
Throughout the year we organise and host workshops and other activities for children, especially at Easter, Harvest and Christmas.  The Advent Garden ceremony that is held in the church is a December tradition in Carlops, enjoyed by children (and adults!) throughout the parish.