Sung praise at Carlops

Music is an important aspect of worship in Carlops, and the congregation though small (25-30 on an average Sunday), includes many fine singers. There is a small choir, which from time to time adds a choral interlude to the Sunday morning service. Normally, however, the choir members are dispersed among the congregation, and the hymn singing (often in harmony) is a genuinely communal activity.

Traditional and well-known hymns are usually sung with great vigour, but the congregation is also enthusiastic and willing to explore new and unfamiliar songs of worship.  We use the fourth edition of the Church hymnary (“CH4”).

Our organist loves the instrument and plays it with enviable verve. Occasionally the organ accompaniment is supplemented by other instruments.  At the very popular Christmas Eve Carol Service, the Carlops Orchestra squeezes into the space beside the organ, and the congregation joins in singing a new carol written for every Christmas by the organist.

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Music at Carlops church