Our congregation is active in the community.  We get involved, try to help people and enjoy ourselves too.  You will find ample opportunity to join in.

We send cards of condolence, congratulations, praise and support whenever we identify someone in the community who might welcome such contact.  In the last three years, over 200 such cards have been sent and we know from direct feedback that they are sincerely appreciated.

We have an active but discreet programme of visiting friends and neighbours who may be less well than usual, or who need any sort of help.

We run the drop in coffee and Fairtrade stalls at Carlops Produce market, held on the last Saturday of every month. We provide a soup lunch in the church on the Wednesday before Carlops market, from September to November inclusive, and January to May inclusive.  These regular events attract enthusiastic support from the Carlops community and from further afield.

Outreach and  pastoral