Carlops and the wider church

Carlops and the Church at large

This series of articles is specific to Carlops Church, but our church is a partner in a three-parish linkage and an integral part of the Church of Scotland as a whole.  Our financial activity is influenced by our relationships with these bodies.

In the linkage, we share equally the costs of maintaining the manse, and the minister's administrative and travel expenses.  We also share the cost of pulpit supply (to provide a third service leader every Sunday) but currently pay only one-fifth of that, because several Carlops members lead services (at no cost to the linkage!).

The three churches in the linkage make payments to the Church of Scotland for the services of our minister. The annual stipendiary and employment costs of a minister with at least ten years’ service are currently set at £32,098.

Each church in the linkage contributes an annual amount to the Church of Scotland to defray its operating costs and the services it provides to individual churches.  This is based on our average income during the previous three years and the size of our congregation. Our contribution for 2014 was £8,673, for 2015, £9,714 and for 2016, £10,800.