“Living water”

A decorative window by Emma Butler-Cole Aiken, 2008

 This window was commissioned as part of the refurbishment of 2008-09.  Emma Butler-Cole Aiken, the artist, was brought up in Carlops and formerly worshipped in our church.  

The design is inspired by Biblical references and the Pentland landscape.  

“He that believeth in me … out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water” John 7:38

The image is partially abstracted, but can be mapped on to the hills above Carlops.  In the artist's own words,  “Melting snow on the Pentlands gives way to a rush of ‘living water’, spilling out of the borders of the window towards the centre of the church.  Breakthrough.  Refreshment.  Revival.  The window is composed of hand-made glass, with etching, staining and glass painting.”

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