The Kirk Session consists of the church's elders, the minister and people invited to be associated with the Session’s work because they possess some special skill or experience.  Meetings of the Kirk Session are normally chaired by the minister.


The Kirk Session is responsible for planning and overseeing all spiritual and organisational matters.  As Carlops Church is a parish church, the Session's pastoral responsibility extends to everyone in the parish, not just to people who are formally members of the Church.  


Because Carlops Church is a registered charity, the members of the Kirk Session are also trustees, responsible for the proper management of the church's activities and resources.  In this capacity, they are answerable to the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator, as well as to the Church of Scotland.


Carlops Kirk Session holds open meetings and welcomes members of the congregation who wish to attend.  This is appreciated by the congregation; members do attend Session meetings from time to time and are encouraged to contribute to discussion.  Reports of Session meetings are published in the monthly Newsletter.

In addition to the Kirk Session for each of the three churches in the linkage, a General Kirk Session, made up of the members of all three Sessions, meets about twice per year.  It is primarily a communication facilitator; it has no operational powers over the Kirk Sessions of the individual churches. Its meetings too, are open to all who wish to attend.  

Kirk Session