Raising the money

We put considerable thought and effort into raising the £115,000 needed for the refurbishment project.  At first sight that sum may not seem very large, but we are a parish of only some 180 households!  We kept everyone closely informed about our plans and our progress.  We sought grants where they were available, basing our applications on a carefully constructed business plan.  And we appealed directly to every member of our community, explaining our plans and setting out promises about how a refurbished church would serve the whole community.

The community was spontaneously and heart-warmingly generous.  We are grateful for the help we received and are proud to thank the community for its outstanding financial and moral support.

We also wish to record grateful thanks to the several organisations who provided grant funding for various aspects of the project.  Without their support, we could not have undertaken the refurbishment.  We thank the following organisations for grants received:

The Baird Trust

The Church of Scotland, General Trustees

The Ferguson Bequest Fund

The Orcome Trust

The Pilgrim Trust

Waste Recycling Environmental Ltd

We are also grateful for the excellent – and highly effective – advice and support received from the Church of Scotland's Stewardship department.  Gillian Paterson and Margo Robertson advised on fund-raising strategies and techniques and helped to guide us through the whole process.  That process culminated in inviting everyone in our parish to two appeal suppers at which we provided an exhibition of our plans and the thinking behind them, then asked very directly for financial support.  Our Treasurer reports that our financial target was met in just three weeks!

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