Charitable work

Carlops is a fortunate community and its people are generous.  As a congregation we recognise the value of engaging people in the wider community as a way of explaining the church's work, beliefs and attitudes.  Partners can be readily attracted to this area of activity and our work is designed to that end.

While our church is a registered charity in its own right, our congregation frequently enlists community support for other charities.  Our objective is to establish a programme of funding and practical support for selected causes, in our own community and internationally.

The charities and projects we support are chosen to elicit community-wide commitment to fund-raising and practical support.  We try to choose specific, practical projects, so that our small community can make a worthwhile impact for a readily identifiable group of people.  Sums of money that are small in UK terms can generate a considerable effect elsewhere in the world if delivered directly to carefully selected projects.  We stay focused on some projects for a sustained period, so that we can gain a better understanding of problems affecting the people we are trying to support.  

We monitor charities we support to ensure that they are effective and follow good practice.  In this context, Christian Aid has published a statement defining its operational policies; read it here.

Our criteria for supporting any charity are: